Blue Mountain Adventure Camp

Blue Mountain Adventure Camp is a Salvation Army outdoor pursuits business.

In a changing world these endeavours have become very difficult to operate and fund. Volunteers are now largely extinct, and an expensive bureaucracy around audit and health and safety are mandatory.
Looking back a generation or two, camps like this were common and provided a worthwhile service to society – the salvation army had 4 such camps spread over NZ and there were many others run by groups or clubs. Few remain today – 3 of the Salvation Army were closed, and BMAC was being considered similarly.
Takutai became involved following the death of Peter Green, a long time Salvation Army member, in 2002 – we offered to support an appropriate activity within the army as a legacy to him.
Takutai committed to building a new operations centre 2005-7 and installing additional adventure equipment – we managed the projects and provided the funding.