Steel & Metal Distribution

The profile of the steel industry is anonymous, in everyday life. This despite the material being an essential part of all modern economies.

It is made up of 3 distinct sectors – steel mills which produce the product, distributors who facilitate logistics and re-shaping, then a vast array of users. The business is global by nature and requires scale for the mill and distributor to perform efficiently. Commercial steel manufacture started less than 170 years ago, with governments being an interested part of the evolution for two key reasons – national security of supply (particularly for armaments) and until recently large employment potential. This history cocktail has created many boom and bust periods.

Today, with the emergence of China, there is a serious over capacity of production, which will not easily be corrected – again, national interests exacerbate the predicament. Fortunately, the distributor sector is more locally focused (by country) than global. With a working capital demand, rather than fixed assets, the distribution sector is a flexible environment.

"Vulcan would like to be regarded as having integrity for all stakeholders... "

Vulcan would like to be regarded as having integrity for all stakeholders, apart from the commercial reality of generating positive financial results.

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